Dragon Hatcher: Meet the Characters

Dragon Hatcher | Meet the Characters | Oliver
Meet the Characters: Oliver Caradog

Character in the first book ‘The Dragon Hatcher‘ – an Urban Fantasy. Widowed. Pets: none. Lives: Wales.

Fy enw i yw Oliver

I am the only known descendant of Llud Llaw Eraint, ‘The Silver Hand’, conqueror of the last white Dragon at Dinas Emrys. I am the Master Counsel of the Welsh Society for the Protection of Dragons and bonded to the latest Matriarch. I am also a Tutor to Lucy, our principle Hatcher and wish she’d study more. I live in Wales with my Master at Arms, Jude Singer.

Somewhat of a recluse. Would rather be reading. Lucy think I’m immortal but I’ve never tested that theory. I trained her. She is the last dragon hatcher. She keeps me up to date with modern day matters and tests out my various concoctions of herbal tea.

I’m a fictional character, of course. None of this could possibly be true.


Herbalism (Specialising in Native Welsh Plants)

Making Tea (Expert)

Botanical Alchemy

Languages (Welsh, Draconic, Latin)

Arcane Magic (Minor in Fire, also)



1800 to date.

Master of the Welsh Elemental Society

1600 – 1800

Horse Trainer/Teacher


Tavern Boy