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Dragon Hatcher | Meet the Characters | Lucy
Meet the Characters: Lucy Didcott

Main character in the first book ‘The Dragon Hatcher‘ – an Urban Fantasy. In a relationship. Pets: Two cats and the occasional dragon hatchling. WSPD initiate.

I’m Lucy, Dragon Hatcher

I’m 30 years old and live in a sleepy little town about a two hour train ride from London. I’m a Psychologist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and am occasionally seconded to the Behavioral Science Unit at MI5 in London. I’m also a Dragon Hatcher at the WSPD, an ancient society founded in 12th Century Wales to protect dragons from pesky ‘Knights on White Steeds’ until armor plate went out of fashion. Then they had to ‘re-brand’. On-Off-Mostly-On relationship with Daniel Holloway. I am a fictional character, so no dick-pics please.


Psychologist (Pediatrics, Trauma)

Single (Complicated)

Behavioural Scientist (Wannabe)

Dragon Hatcher (Expert)


Dragon Hatcher
Inducted (well, more like ‘kidnapped and forced’) into the Welsh Society for the Protection of Dragons. Not great at studying, despite their best efforts. My job so far has been to safely hatch dragons, bond with them, assess their abilities, then give them back. Some don’t hatch right and have to be put down. Most go on to other secret societies, that’s all I know. Glorified nanny, basically.

Secondment at Thames House
(Ended Last Year)
Seconded to the behavioral sciences unit. Can’t really tell you too much about this. Left when I was recruited at WSPD. Met my Daniel here. He still works there (and doesn’t know about the WSPD thing – I mean, where would you start with that?)

Psychologist, St. Thomas’ Hospital
Specializing in trauma response. Still work there with kids who have had traumatic experiences. Currently part-time as I have a Dragon nursery at home which requires some attention. Don’t work with adults as I was attacked by one shortly after my first day and ended up in hospital myself for three months. Dragons are less fiery.