Dragon Hatcher: Meet the Characters

Dragon Hatcher | Meet the Characters | Daniel
Meet the Characters: Daniel Holloway

Second character in the first book ‘The Dragon Hatcher‘ – a new urban fantasy series. In a relationship. Pets: none. Lives: London and Wales.

I’m Daniel

30, Born in North Wales where my Dad still lives. Joined the army at 17: Prince of Wales Own. Transferred to REME, earned degree in Computer Science from MIT (Online, part-time). After army I spent spent some time at Darpa, worked on the Landsat imaging satellite at the European Space Agency and Geospatial Intelligence Satellite (a spy satellite) at a classified location in Greater London. Joined the British Security Services. In a relationship with Lucy. If you can call it that.

I’m a fictional character, so don’t try to find me. Although I’d like to see you try.


Programming (Rapid Deployment Software)

Single (Complicated)

Intelligence Analyst (Expert)

Surveillance Ops (Expert)

Electronics (Expert)


London, Classified.

Current. Classified.


NASA (ESA), Darpa, Geospatial Intelligence.

British Army:

REME. Technician, analyst.

British Army:

Prince of Wales Own regiment.