Meet the Characters: Jude Singer

Character in the first book ‘The Dragon Hatcher’ – an Urban Fantasy. WSPD Master at Arms.

Jude here.

What do you want? I’m not telling you my age. What the fuck has that got to do with anything? Oh, yeah here’s the picture you wanted, it’s all I got. I’m the Master at Arms for the Welsh Society for the Protection of Dragons. I basically grew up there. Oliver is like my Dad. I kill dragons that don’t come out right, basically. What? humane? We are talking about the same thing, right? Do you even KNOW what happens if we let the dodgy ones live? No, well shut up then. Kill people? Ha. Like I’d tell you. I ‘deal’ with people on behalf of the society. Of course, now YOU know about it… Hey, want to go for a drink after this? I know a place.


What do you think?

Single (You wanna?)


Master at Arms, WSPD
As above. I’m bored now. Are we done?

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