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New Book Announcement: Oliver of the Silver Hand – A Fantasy Short Story

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Oliver of the Silver Hand | A Fantasy Short Story by S. Marie Diegutis | Worldwide on Amazon

I am super happy to announce my first fantasy fiction: a short story entitled: ‘Oliver of the Silver Hand’. It is available in Kindle format at Amazon stores worldwide. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited. Available worldwide at Amazon, particularly USA and UK and on Kindle Unlimited everywhere (read for free if you’re a member)

A brand new fantasy and urban fantasy series by S. Marie Diegutis

Oliver Caradog saves a small boy from a white dragon. Unable to find his family and suspecting him to be not entirely human, he names him Jude and takes him home to be cared for by his wife, in the realm of the tyrant King Vortigern.

Vortigern’s new castle is destroyed nightly by an unknown force. The King’s mystical advisers instruct Vortigern to find and sacrifice a boy without a human Father – in order that his castle can be built to completion and Oliver is tasked with a quest to find that boy.

Hiding Jude and deceiving the King, Oliver sets off, not to find a child to sacrifice, but to seek allies to help to remove the unstable self-made King from his throne – and he finds an unlikely ally in the form of the white Dragon, Eiradraig.

Vortigern hears of Oliver’s ward from his spying mystics. Rageful and betrayed, the King murders Oliver’s wife Gwen in an attempt to take Jude for his sacrifice. Jude finds the aftermath, and in a fit of grief, sprints to the place where Gwen’s brother was banished, to find him and deliver the news.

He has unwittingly made an enemy of both the son of a Black Dragon and the most powerful wizard of all time: Gwen’s Brother, Merlin.

The battle that follows at Dinas Emrys will curse one with immortality, a dragon to an eternal grave and see Gwen avenged. Soon after, it inspires the formation of the Welsh Society for the Protection of Dragons.

This is a fantasy fiction short story, based on the real history of Wales, a beautiful and wild country where Dragons have always lived.

A prequel to The Dragon Hatcher Book One: Wings on the Loose – a present-day urban fantasy.

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